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Proven Reliability

Air Traffic Africa Limited operates Beech 1900 C+D, Dornier 228-200 series (max. 19 passengers) and Beech King Air 1300 (max. 10 passengers).


Why Choose Us

With more than ten years of experience, Air Traffic Africa Limited is looking forward to provide a problem-free air charter solution around Africa.


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Chartering a plane to a remote part of Africa can be a complicated business, that’s why our friendly, professional staff is always on hand to take care of your needs.

Travel Guide and Tips

Plan your Travels

Whether it’s your first flight or simply your latest, Air Traffic Africa limited works to anticipate your every need.Our team will always try to minimise the inconvenience to you and make any waiting time as comfortable as possible.

Health Check

For most of us, flying is a safe way to travel. However, the pressurised cabin can potentially affect passengers with existing medical conditions.For passengers suffering from conditions like heart or lung disease, or blood disorders such as anaemia (including sickle cell anaemia), the lower oxygen levels could lead to oxygen deprivation (hypoxia), making additional oxygen supplies necessary.

Get Insurance

Travel insurance offers financial protection and some peace of mind while traveling. Flying from one destination to another can lead to a host of unexpected circumstances such as travel delays, loss of baggage and even injury.

Family Time

We think ahead on every step of your journey when you’re traveling with children, whether it’s complimentary strollers at the airport, themed giveaways or special meals your family will love.